Fisher Snowplow Accessories

Fisher accessories help you get maximum efficiency from your Fisher snowplow. For a full description of additional accessories not shown here contact us for a Fisher Accessories flyer.

Fisher Snofoil®

Fisher Snowplow Snofoil

Engineered specifically to complement your Fisher® blade, the SnoFoil's high, continuous curve funnels snow to the side, allowing snow to be piled higher.

New Curb Shoe Kit

Fisher Snowplow Curb Shoe Kit

These curb guards have a unique, compact, cast iron design with increased wear material.The interchangeable/ universal, side-to-side design gives you the ability to switch them over to the side being used most, extending the life of the shoe.

Hydraulic Fluid

Fisher Snowplow EZ Flow Hydraulic Fluid

High performance hydraulic fluids recommended for use where low temperatures or rapid changes in temperatures are expected. For operating temperatures as low as -40°F. Quart, Gallon and 55 Gallon Drum.

Steel Cutting Edge

Fisher Snowplow Steel Cutting Edge & Deflector

Made of tough 1090 high carbon steel, these replaceable cutting edges increase wear resistance and improve cutting power and scraping ability.


Made from 2-ply rubber, this deflector keeps the snow off your windshield.

ProTube Bumper/Grille Guard

Fisher Snowplow ProTube Bumper

Attractive,"off-season" bumper/grille guard designed for use with either the Fisher® Minute Mount® or Minute Mount 2® System pushplates. Easy 10 minute bolt-on installation and no drilling required. Powder coated or chrome plated. Fog lamps not included.