About Us

Lang’s Corner Garage is proud to have been selected by Fisher Engineering, the industry’s leading manufacturer of high quality snow and ice control equipment, to be an authorized distributor of Fisher Snowplow products. We have a prestigious 30 year history of selling and installing Fisher Snowplows and have earned loyalty with repetitive sales to satisfied customers who are homeowners, commercial plowers and municipalities.

Sales and service of Fisher Engineering snow and ice control products at Lang’s Corner Garage is not a sideline business. It is our focus – our primary business - our reason for getting up in the morning. Year after year we continue to finish within the top five in sales of over 300 distributors in the United States and Canada combined. In fact in 2007 we finished second and in 2015 we finished third. To date we have sold more than 15,000 Fisher Engineering snowplows without any customer complaints to the factory.

We stock over three million dollars of Fisher Engineering inventory which represents in excess of 26,000 items and maintain a large year round selection of repair and replacement parts unmatched by anyone.

We provide for you what you expect when you make an investment in a piece of snow or ice control equipment. A manufacturer with a solid reputation for reliability and strength for over 60 years and all assembly and installations at Lang’s Corner Garage are done by people who are dedicated to the product line and care about what they do and how they do it with a obsession for doing it right.

When you arrive or call Lang’s Corner Garage you speak directly to the owner of the company since 1979.  Your Fisher Engineering snowplow or hopper spreader will be installed by Scott Prince who has been employed since May 1997. Scott has attended all factory training schools during his employment. He continues to go every year for a two day Factory Authorized Service Training School held in Rockland Maine where Fisher Engineering is located. All snowplow assemblies are put together [pre-built] by Tyler Buchanan who started employment at Lang’s Corner Garage in September 2000. Office manager Jennifer McLeod has been with the company since September 1996 and Julie Thibodeau is responsible for all the computer data entry and billing since August of 2005.

You can easily see by the tenure of this team that these people have a vast knowledge of the products they handle daily and every vehicle and piece of equipment is treated as it were their own.

In mid summer we have over 300 off truck units assembled and ready to be installed, a very impressive sight to see. If you are in the area please stop by and check us out.

I am amazed by our accomplishments of selling and installing 650 to 700 snowplows per season. The average time to install a snowplow on a General Motors, Ford or Dodge truck is approximately 2 hours. As you can see, waiting for a snowplow to be installed is not a problem and we encourage you to watch while it is being done. Installations include a weight distribution analysis, strict adherence to manufactures guidelines and Fisher Engineering recommendations regarding snowplow installations. We are members of the National Truck Equipment Association [NTEA] and have qualified as an NTEA Verified Member. We are registered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA], we comply with NHTSA certification regulations and we perform a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard [FMVSS] compliance analysis on every vehicle that a snowplow is installed on.  

Hope to see you soon,
Paul Chase 

Selling and Installing Fisher Engineering Snow
and Ice Control Products since 1983